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Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

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  • 30-08-2017
Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

The kitchen extraction system provides threats due to the potential for the build-up of grease. Collected grease within an extract system creates a surprise combustion. Under certain conditions, flame or extreme heat within the air duct could spark the grease causing the fire to spread rapidly via the duct. 

Fire and warm within the air duct could fire up surrounding materials. This can ignite at different areas along the ductwork course. It can transfer fire in a manner which is difficult to anticipate. This is difficult to manage by designers, installers and ultimately fire fighters.

When taking on a full extraction system clean, both the exterior and interior of the cover hood is degreased extensively. Specific interest needs to be paid behind the filters which are cleaned up to arm's length. 

This is generally where the biggest grease build up materialises. It is so near the heat resource, it is essential it's cleansed. The filters are eliminated, taken in an effective cleaning remedy, then, rinsed and changed.

The Insurance Industry is setting its perspective on the issue. This is hardly surprising.  The Association of British Insurers has recorded losses related to unclean kitchen fires climbing from ₤ 25 million in 1997 to ₤ 65 million in 1998.

The Insurers' Loss Prevention Council suggest that a minimum of annual cleaning of the whole system. This should be done by specialists. The precise frequency to be determined by a reasoned threat assessment.

Failure to abide by the regards to a plan might imply invalidation of the entire agreement. This leaves the insurance to carry a total loss.

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