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Fire Safety Extraction

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  • 23-08-2017
Fire Safety Extraction

Fire Safety Extraction Fan Cleaning 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that a fire risk evaluation must be carried out by law. This requires the building's owner or office manager to entrust a responsible individual. They will recognise all sources of fire and get rid of, or at the very least minimise the danger to the building's residents.

Routine kitchen extraction cleaning will certainly get rid of one of one of the most common causes of fire within the kitchen. We are progressively seeing proof that failing to clean your system can be harmful. If it is not cleaned by a specialist accredited kitchen extraction cleaning company it invalidates insurance coverage after fires. 

Routine kitchen extraction cleaning is crucial. This is to guarantee the safety and security of the structure. It ensures that owners are not in danger from a fire brought on by grease build up in the extraction system.

Extraction system filters can never remove all vaporised grease. This, along with particles, condenses onto the cover plenum, air duct and fan surface areas. 

This accumulation currently just requires warmth to activate off a frightening procedure. A stimulate or fire is not required for spontaneous combustion to happen.

The grease in the air duct acts as a fuse, carrying fire with the duct and the structure. Fire, smoke and hot gases may break out at any kind of infiltration, opening, joint or discharge point.  These also follow the heat-induced collapse of ductwork.

Temperature levels as much as 1200 deg C transmit heat through the steel. This will distort, damage or fire up nearby materials. This includes duct hangers, packaging materials, electric systems and litter.

In this way the fire could spread out rapidly, complying with the air duct path which might be hard and harmful for fire fighters to gain access to.